Thanks for clicking on this page. I will tell you about myself and how I got to be here. Firstly I would like to say thankyou to my brother Paul who oversees everything on the website. He gets the moans and groans when things are not going right.

Then there is my mom. She tells us all where we are going wrong (only joking mom smile).... but I do love her.

It all started when I opened a "Nearly New" shop. They are called "Dress Agencies" now. I was a bit ahead of my time, as it really wasn't the "Done Thing" back in the 1980's. I travelled early every saturday morning to London's Portobello Road market, with my mom. She had a stand in an Antique Arcade there for more years, than she cares to remember, and i bought stock for my shop. But Worcester was not ready for Chanel, Dior, Giorgio Armani etc. The shop closed. I too, starting selling in Portobello Road. I sold Crocodile/ Alligator vintage handbags and accessories.

I travel around  many Antique Fairs/ Shops and Vintage clothing shops, to buy stock. I do have alot of Private Collectors I buy off. My brother got my WonderfulStuff website "live", 2010. I think the website started after talking about my addiction for scarves, then I showed him my collection, of over 2000 scarves. As my collection has grown, so has my knowledge and my passion. The latter two I am happy to share.

I do offer a full refund, if unhappy with purchase, so you can have peace of mind.

If you can't see, what you are looking for, I do have boxes and boxes, of scarves carefully stored, so just email me, on the "Contact us" tab.

Any questions, please email me............. thanks for looking.

Also thanks to "Country Living" magazine October 2011, and "Vogue" magazine November 2011, for their mentions. Also BBC1 who asked me if I would like to appear on "Put your money where your mouth is" 2013.