Christian Dior - Diorling Signed by Gruau Vintage Silk Scarf - 1960's

Christian Dior


Christian Dior, Diorling Vintage Silk Scarf, 1960's ... Quite a Rare Find.

Diorling was a perfume made by Christian Dior in 1963.

It is signed by Gruau, Rene Gruau was the fashion illustrator, or the "Drawer for the House of Dior"

This scarf has the look of one of his fairy tale dresses in a sketch, this would look wonderful framed.

100% silk which still has a lovely feel to it .... with a super tight hand rolled hem. Christian Dior

name on scarf, also the Dioling name. 

The colors are not faded or washed out.

Attached to the hand rolled hem, is the old silk label which states "Soie made in France".

The colours are a type of lemon and lime, sorry ithe colours were difficult to pick up on the photos.

This comes in very good condition, the only fault I can find it has a small faint mark.

32 inches x 30.5 inches.

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