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  • This is rare, as Hermes did not reissue this design. Hermes silk scarf Les Auriges, is a very rare and highly collectible Hermès scarf designed by Hugo Grygkar, and issued by Hermès in 1955. An Auriga was an ancient Roman chariot driver who drove the chariots of important Romans or raced them in the circuses.   Hugo Grygkar depicts four...

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  • Burberrys vintage classic iconic trench coat. The retail price now is £995. Belted waist and cuffs, with traditional leather buckles... the buckles are in superb condition, show no signs of wear. Pocket each side which fastens with button. Fully lined with the iconic nova check. Long inverted back pleat, with button. Burberrys name label and fabric...

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items