Gustav Klimt Signed Vintage Silk Scarf-Beckford Silk

Gustav Klimt


Gustav Klimt Signed Large Vintage Silk Scarf, Printed by Beckford Silk

100% silk with over stitched hem... silk is still crisp. Gustav Klimt signature on scarf.

Beckford silk Mill are comissioned to make scarves for many famous brands and museums, galleries all over the world, shops and designers. It really is worth a visit, or if you can't get there have a look at there website. They show you the printing process, how they hand stitch there rolled hems. I have collected Beckford scarves for many years, some I would never part with.

Comes in good condition, except for the french blue border which has some faint white crease marks. But I have to say not sure if it was printed like that, as it blends in so well with the center of the scarf.

38.5 inches x 37.5 inches.

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