1920's Assuit Shawl Art Deco Egyptian Silver Metal Scarf

1920's Assuit


1920's Assuit shawl Jet black tulle with hammered silver pieces.

Very popular in the 1920's, following the discovery of Tut Ankh Amen's tomb in Egypt.

With there lovely drape and shimmer they were a great accessory for the 1920's Flapper dresses.

This is an original antique Assuit shawl, the colour is jet black I say that as some over years from washing and use, can look a sort of bitter chocolate.

The silver hammered pieces look more of a gold colour, I think if this was washed they would be silver, as I said this has been stored away for many years.

This has been stored away for many years, I have not washed it. The tulle is strong and I would say it has hardly beed used or handled... but it does have a couple of small holes, these could be repaired.

85"inches x 21"inches approx this has been measured unstretched.

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